Our Commitment to a Sustainable Future

Nov 2, 2023

It originally started with the idea, there is a better way and quality courier service. When we started in 1996, It was me, my Geo Metro and $500.

There weren’t cell phones, robust email and internet – it was very much a manual experience of getting packages from point A to B. We used the old push to talk radios, pagers and answering service the first year we started. I started out with the purpose of making delivery a more refined, pleasurable and tech focused business that was customer oriented – we aimed to please and create solutions that fit their needs.

Welcoming GO2 Delivery: Our New Chapter

Fast forward 27 years later – more than 100 staff and operating with 3 locations, we have served many people and millions of packages delivered. For the last 7 years, I have been searching for, ‘why I am here and what’s my higher purpose’. After much reflection of looking for the next level of our purpose during Covid, I felt the sense of humanity and our existence can be radically altered by our environment. In that moment of time – the world stopped and a miracle happened….nature started to revitalize and come back, and for a moment in time, the greenhouse emissions went down…That started a series of thoughts of how we’re all connected to the nature and planet we live on – all of our resources comes from it. Looking just in my lifetime, I have seen the radical shifts in Climate Change and Global Warming. I decided that I was going to start making a difference in what I can control and help educate others what they can do too. With our new chapter, we have a new name, focusing on reducing our footprint with CO2 and restoring ecosystems that sequester CO2 as well.

Our New Path Forward

Our New Values are Our Guiding Principles to ensure our commitment to the environment:


Create New Ways with Tech + Value Innovation


Working Sustainably + Smarter with Less Complexity


Living an Interconnected World, Leading to Ideal Outcomes

Join Us on This Journey

We invite you to participate in making a difference in reversing Climate Change. Whether that be outsourcing your deliveries so they can be more sustainable with our Carbon-Free Courier service, Volunteer on projects supporting restoration of ecosystems with our partnering organizations or our own projects or Donate money towards our initiatives & projects.

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