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Our Approach and Process to Helping Our Clients Grow

Our Values Innovation Minimalism Interconnectedness
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Create New Ways With Tech + Value Innovation Working Sustainably + Smarter With Less Complexity Living An Interconnected World, Leading to Ideal Outcomes
Phase 1: Identify unmet needs and challenges Analyze your current delivery process Aligning your deliveries with your mission, & vision
Phase 2: Creating A New Approach To Your Delivery Optimize Your Delivery Models Establishing You delivery KPI’s for success
Phase 3: Utilize new technology and systems Reducing complexity in the business Ongoing feedback, collaboration and communication
Success Stories

Success Stories

Below are three success stories of how GO2 Delivery provided customized solutions to help companies improve their delivery operations and better serve their customers.

Regional Home Infusion Specialty Pharmacy

The Challenge

A prominent Regional Home Infusion Pharmacy found themselves encumbered by traditional delivery methods, relying solely on internal delivery drivers without any accompanying delivery systems or technology.

They faced mounting operational inefficiencies, evidenced by the escalating costs per delivery. This scenario, a pain point for many in the industry, highlighted the need for a streamlined solution.

Our Strategic Approach

  1. Enhanced delivery density, significantly cutting costs that had previously drained their resources.
  2. Completely outsourcing their delivery operations to us, they could focus entirely on their core competencies, amplifying their service quality.
  3. Our dedicated onsite coordination further fortified this transition, guaranteeing smooth operations.

The Result

  • Reduced reimbursement losses by 100%
  • Minimized administrative labor to manage operation by 63%
  • Reduced delivery cost 59%
  • Increased delivery capacity 37%
  • Improved service quality leading to higher retention of sales

Major Hospital Health System

The Challenge

For a hospital health system pharmacy, the mission of delivering vital medications to patient homes met a daunting obstacle. Their reliance on a national delivery provider not only resulted in costly delays but also significant financial losses, leading to annual write-offs in the six-figure range. This prevalent challenge underscores the urgency many healthcare entities face in ensuring timely and cost-effective delivery.

Enter GO2 Delivery: With an intimate understanding of these pain points, we present an opportunity for institutions to pivot and transform their delivery dynamics, ensuring both fiscal health and timely medication deliveries, crucial for patient well-being.

Our Strategic Approach

  1. We seamlessly integrated with their existing systems via open API, allowing for a more harmonized flow of operations
  2. We further devised a refined workflow, prioritizing tracking and compliance, ensuring no patient is left waiting
  3. Our dedicated Onsite Facilitation Coordinators became the anchor needed to maintain the streamlined process.
  4. Our custom driver certification program elevated the trust in each delivery
  5. Real-time SMS notifications and live GPS tracking, patients and providers alike felt a profound sense of reassurance

The Result

  • We catalyzed an astounding 500% surge in their growth trajectory.
  • The once prevalent issue of financial write-offs, which had been a considerable drain on resources, was 100% eradicated, showcasing a
    complete turnaround in fiscal efficiency.
  • Our meticulous approach to operations ensured a nearly perfect delivery accuracy rate, hitting a commendable 99.99% precision mark.
  • Undeliverable packages was dramatically curtailed, with a substantial 92% reduction, ensuring the vast majority of packages now reach their intended recipients without fail.

Retail Organization

The Challenge

In the bustling landscape of retail, the demand for their home delivery services burgeoned, their existing delivery systems and staffing model struggled to keep pace, culminating in an inefficiency that stifled sales growth. They had inadvertently hit a self-imposed capacity ceiling. Such challenges, familiar to many in the retail sector, accentuate the need for an optimized operational overhaul.

GO2 Delivery, discerning these pain points, emerges as the ideal partner. Our specialization is tailored to bridge such gaps, showcasing how revamped delivery systems can unlock untapped potential, fostering growth and meeting escalating customer expectations.

Our Strategic Approach

  1. We collaboratively sculpted a tailored delivery staffing plan, ensuring they had the resources to match their aspirations.
  2. More than just a solution provider, we stood by them, providing onsite leadership to expertly manage the fulfillment of customer orders, bringing order to chaos.
  3. Recognizing the profound impact of meticulous organization, we introduced a refined process using custom containers, guaranteeing that every delivery was not just timely, but also systematically arranged.

The Result

  • The retail organization witnessed a meteoric rise in sales, soaring beyond 200%
  • Gone were the days of scrambling for temporary delivery staffing during peak times; we eradicated that pressing need, ensuring a consistent, high-quality delivery experience year-round.
  • Our partnership transcended mere operational enhancements; we breathed life into their aspirations and reignited their spirit to grow their business and their bottom-line
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