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Moving Your Packages and the Planet Forward

Together we can positively impact the planet and restore ecosystems with net-zero emissions.

How We Got Here

Learn How We Got Here Watch the Video Below

The Problem

The Problem: Global Warming

The science is clear: our climate is heating rapidly…

Increased Temperatures

Global temperatures have experienced an increase of 1.2°C since 1880, with a notable rise beginning in the late 20th century.

High CO2

Atmospheric CO2 is at its highest level, comprising over 2/3 of greenhouse gases contributing to global warming.

High Risk

A 1.5°C increase in global temperatures could have irreversible consequences.

  • Through equitable adaptation and mitigation actions, we can reduce global vulnerability and contribute to climate resilience.
  • To limit global warming, countries came together under the Paris Agreement to hold themselves accountable.

United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs – Sustainable Development

Our ecosystems can no longer absorb the excess CO2 released.

Unabsorbed CO2 results in greenhouse effects, raising global temperatures and the acidification of our oceans, diminishing our ability to sequester CO2 naturally.


We believe in a planet where future generations can thrive.

We See a Way

We See a Pathway to Restoring Our Planet

We embrace the profound interconnectedness of our world and recognize the urgency of addressing complex environmental challenges. Our values revolve around raising awareness of this interdependence, particularly in the face of global warming and the pressing need to utilize our resources more efficiently. We firmly believe that innovative thinking is key to tackling these issues head-on and forging a sustainable future for all.

Our value-based approach:


Create New Ways With Tech + Value Innovation


Working Sustainably + Smarter With Less Complexity


Living An Interconnected World, Leading to Ideal Outcomes

What We’re Doing Now

What We’re Doing Now

We all have a role to play in minimizing global warming. At GO2 Delivery, we prioritize minimalism, innovation, and interconnectedness to combat greenhouse gases. Our values push us to use cutting-edge software to optimize our routes, drive fewer miles, and reduce CO2 emissions with every delivery.

Solar powered facilities

Our company headquarters is 100% solar-powered.

Utilizing EV’s and Hybrid Vehicles

We install EV chargers at all our solar-powered facilities.

Investing in Global Wind and Solar Projects

We offset our excess CO2 in Gold Standard Projects globally.

Protecting Rainforests

We support global projects dedicated to protecting rainforest ecosystems.

Restoring Marine Ecosystems

We volunteer locally on marine restoration projects.

Quick Facts

Quick Facts

1260 trees planted

1996 tonnes of CO2 offset

Sustainability Goal:

100% of your delivery emissions offset

Take Action

Take Action Now

A van driving through a paved road in a forest

Streamline Your Delivery Process and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Help Restore Local Ecosystems by Volunteering or Donating

Get Involved
About Eric Brown

About Eric Brown

Eric Brown headshot
Eric Brown headshot

About Eric Brown

Eric Brown, CEO and Founder of GO2 Delivery, is a seasoned professional in the fulfillment, logistics, and delivery industry, having dedicated the past 27 years to the field. For the past decade, he has served as a coach and consultant to numerous startups and companies, with the last five years focused on being a lead mentor for a startup accelerator.

A six-time Inc 5000 honoree, Eric is recognized as a key player in America’s fastest-growing privately held companies. He embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in 1996 as the founder and CEO of Mobile One Courier, a same-day delivery service. This was followed by the launch of Fulfilltopia in 2009, an e-commerce pick and pack fulfillment center, where he steered operations for 12 years. Most recently, Eric founded Deliver Local, an e-commerce platform enabling restaurants and retail businesses to market and sell their products online, complete with local delivery.

Today, as a serial entrepreneur and business coach, Eric’s focus lies firmly on future innovation and fostering a healthier planet. Amid the introspection sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic, he found himself questioning the purpose of his life. The answers led him to his true passion: healing the planet. Driven by this newly discovered purpose, he has reoriented his companies towards sustainability and achieving carbon neutrality. In a pioneering move, his first company, Mobile One Courier, was rebranded as GO2 Delivery, becoming one of the first fully carbon-neutral same-day delivery companies in America. Furthermore, Eric actively invests in alternative energy infrastructure and ecosystem restoration projects worldwide, steadfast in his mission to create a better future.

Outside his professional pursuits, Eric treasures time spent with his family, exploring nature across the globe alongside his wife and two children. A passionate advocate for health and longevity, he emphasizes the importance of proper nutrition and exercise. He believes in living long and prospering—a fitting philosophy for a Star Trek enthusiast!

Always eager to connect, share, and serve, Eric continues to nurture relationships within the sustainability, conscious capitalism, and business startup communities. His unwavering commitment to planetary healing and his dedication to instigating meaningful change remain consistent in his enriching and fulfilling endeavors.

At our business, we comprehend the intricate nature of bringing to light the interconnectedness of the world and the significant issues it faces, such as global warming. We believe in harnessing the power of innovation to create effective solutions and make more efficient use of our planet’s resources. As a carbon-free courier service, we contribute to these goals daily by offering environmentally conscious shipping solutions. Join us in making a positive impact on our planet.

We are proficient in raising awareness about intricate global issues, such as the interconnected nature of our world and the urgency of addressing climate change. As a carbon-neutral courier service, we leverage innovative solutions to combat global warming, emphasizing effective and sustainable utilization of our available resources.

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Let’s Stay Connected

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