How to Benefit from a Medical Courier Service

Sep 12, 2021

Does your healthcare practice struggle to stock medical products? Read on to learn how medical product delivery can help your practice and your patients.

Did you know that, according to Grand View Research, the global market size of the medical supply delivery service industry had a value of over $50 billion in 2019? Additionally, the size is growing with an expected CAGR of 6.5% between 2020 and 2027.

If you’re a doctor or run a medical practice, you probably aren’t surprised by these statistics. After all, the medical industry relies heavily on the delivery of healthcare supplies.

But how do you know if a medical product delivery service is right for your medical business? It’s an investment, and with so much information available online, it can be stressful to decide if it’s the right choice for you.

That’s why we’ve put together this article. In it, you’ll learn about all the benefits you get from a medical courier service.

Finally, you can get the supplies you need and improve your patient services.

Meet Your Staffing Demands

One of the biggest challenges you have as a healthcare services leader is meeting your staffing demands. If you were to have to hire someone internally for medical supply delivery, this would be too much invested when you have other staffing needs.

With a medical supplies company, you can get your essential medical supplies delivered with a large staff of people on call.

They have a high retention of qualified staff and redundancy available in coverage when unexpected circumstances occur.

Couriers are professional, dressed in professional attire so that, even when you’re getting essential healthcare supplies, or PPE delivered, you can maintain the professional standards of your medical office.

Couriers are also audited by the service company, background checked by the TSA, and available 24/7/365. This means that they will operate safely within your office—whenever you need them to come by.

Dedicated Dispatch

One of the most complicated things about having your medical products delivered is getting them when you need them—and on time. With a medical courier service, there’s a dedicated dispatch team available to help with all your needs.

They’ll manage the deliveries, so you don’t have to worry about the logistics. Additionally, they’ll manage the delivery from the moment it’s boxed until it arrives at your office.

They’ll also coordinate with you to ensure the product is delivered at a time with you when it won’t disrupt when you’re often meeting with patients or dealing with emergencies.

Finally, medical courier services account for weather and crowded roadways, leaving early if they need to so your products are delivered on time.

Reasonable Costs

One of the benefits of using a medical courier service is that they have reasonable costs with doctor’s offices and other medical professional offices in mind. They track their costs in a way that’s customized for your business.

They offer detailed reporting and costs based on the time of day, geography, and service level.

Unit levels are taken into consideration, too. Instead of paying for volume or bulk as you would with a traditional courier service, you’re paying for exactly what you’re getting, measured with medical standards.

Accurate Arrival

When you use an ordinary courier service for delivery, someone in the office has to wait for the package to arrive, hoping that it will arrive on time, so they don’t have to wait all day or stay late at the office.

When you hire a medical courier service, you don’t have this problem. They use performance metrics to ensure accuracy. They also send a dispatch time to the driver and an order request for the pickup time.

As a result, you always get on-time delivery when ordering from this service.

Auditing for Compliance

As a mental health practitioner, one of the things you need to worry about when it comes to your medical product deliveries is compliance. This includes the PHI and OSHA requirements, as well as other medical standards provided by your local area or medical industry.

With a medical courier service, they’ll have a field audit app in place that ensures couriers are meeting all these requirements.

With it, they’ll complete random audits of all their drivers. In addition to auditing for OSHA and PHI requirements, they’ll audit for vehicle security and cleanliness, attire and grooming, and having the proper tools for the delivery.

Medical Certified Staff

The staff working in a medical courier service are medically certified. This means that they’ve received the testing and certification necessary to complete the medical product delivery properly. There’s also a chain of custody for tracking and legal reasons.

Additionally, client-specific orientations and patient sensitivity are used to ensure delivery that meets all confidentiality requirements.

Easier Delivery Management

Medical courier service has all the technology in place to make delivery management simpler. You can easily place and track your orders online. You can also review your order beforehand to ensure that everything you need will be delivered to you.

Once the package is on its way, you can easily keep track of it with the GPS tracking feature. You can also integrate delivery tracking with your in-office applications. Finally, you can receive email notifications about the delivery’s progress.

After the products have arrived at your office, you can use barcode scanning and signature capture to confirm the delivery.

A Variety of Service Options

Another benefit of using a medical courier service is that they have various service options specifically designed for the medical industry. They serve hospital systems. These include pharmacies, laboratories, supply chains, material management, and medical group distribution.

They also serve device manufacturers, including the delivery of surgical trays and surgical equipment.

Additionally, if you run a pharmacy, you can get long-term care, home infusion, and specialty distribution from a medical courier service.

They also serve both specialty and diagnostic laboratories. Additionally, they serve DME providers, including retail delivery, equipment rentals, and supply fulfillment.

Whatever product you need and whatever type of medical business you’re operating, you can get the products you need from a medical courier service.

Enhanced Privacy

When you work in the healthcare industry, you need to ensure that privacy is protected. Regulatory practices and regulations such as HIPAA are followed by businesses that serve healthcare needs. Shouldn’t your delivery service do the same?

When you hire a medical courier service for your deliveries, they’ll follow these same standards and regulations. Transactions are confidential, and both your and your patient’s information will be kept confidential.

Insurance Sometimes Pays

Another benefit of using a medical courier service is that your medical insurance might pay for it. Because this is a business that operates specifically in the medical industry, it could be considered a medical cost. In this case, you can save.

Greater Accuracy

Compared to traditional delivery companies and pharmacies, a medical courier service will have more accuracy in their deliveries. As a result, deliveries will be the right medications and equipment.

This keeps your patients safer. Additionally, it provides you with a reputation as a trustworthy healthcare provider.

As a result, your patients will continue to use your services, becoming loyal customers.

Speedy Medical Product Delivery

A medical courier service will have multiple medical product delivery options that are incredibly fast. They’re faster than what you can get with a traditional delivery service or a pharmacy. For example, there’s same-day delivery, which can be useful if you suddenly need medicine or equipment.

They also have express services. This means they’ll send a courier out to you immediately with the medical products you need.

This isn’t only convenient. It can mean greater health for your patients and sometimes even save their life.

You want a medical product delivery service that takes your customers’ health and safety as seriously as you do. This is why you need a delivery service that specializes in delivering medical products.

Need More Information?

Now that you know all the benefits of medical product delivery, you might need additional information. Maybe you’re looking for a medical product delivery service near you. Or maybe you want to learn about other modern solutions that are out there for your medical practice.

Whatever information you need, we can help. At GO₂ Delivery & Logistics, we’re experts when it comes to deliveries and solutions for medical businesses.

We also provide medical courier services. To learn about these services, you can check them out now.

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