7 Ways a Medical Courier Service Pays For Itself

Jan 5, 2021

The market for medical supply delivery services is worth over $54.8 billion. More and more healthcare providers use them to get essential supplies where they need to go.

Almost any medical product can be delivered by courier, from prescriptions to medical tools to biohazards like blood and samples. Using a service for all of them improves the speed and efficiency of your deliveries.

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Customers want their packages to arrive unharmed as safely and efficiently as possible. Couriers allow you to provide this level of service and create loyal customers that return for it again and again.

If you haven’t already started using one of these powerful delivery methods, it’s time to consider doing so. Read on for 7 reasons you should invest in a medical courier service.

  1. Greater Accuracy and Medication Adherence

Errors in any delivery anger customers and can ruin a company’s reputation. In the medical field, they can have serious health consequences as well. Anything you can do to increase accuracy is worth the investment.

The average error rate for a medical courier service is 0.085% compared to 1.75% for traditional pharmacies. They check each package and use the best methods to ensure everything goes where it needs to.

Using a courier ensures patients get the exact medicine or equipment they ask for when they need it. It keeps them from complaining and reduces the need for returns or redeliveries.

Having accurate medication delivered to your door also ensures you’re more likely to take it. This increase in medication adherence will keep them healthy and coming back to buy from you again.

Customers who receive accurate, easy-to-take medications are likely to become repeat buyers. This benefit can have a drastic improvement on your bottom line.

  1. Increased Speed

A medical courier service is almost always the fastest way to get the supplies you need. They can travel through almost any terrain and deliver packages to customers soon after an order is placed.

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There are several types of courier services that increase speed even further. They include same day and medical express.

Same day medical courier services rapidly deliver goods. They use a range of different vehicles from bicycles to vans and typically provide tracking updates.

Medical express courier services are also fast and effective. They deliver your package soon after you send in an order.

Even if you don’t choose same-day delivery or medical express, you’ll still enjoy better speeds than traditional delivery methods. This lets you get each delivery out sooner to customers and move onto the next one.

Fast medical delivery is more than a convenience; it can be the difference between life and death. Make sure you choose a provider that can get your packages to the customers who need them as soon as possible.

  1. Efficient Tracking

Suppliers and customers both want to know when to expect deliveries and where they are on their journey at all times. Tracking features are a necessity to provide them with this information.

real-time tracking system monitors your delivery and lets you check its location at the click of a button. IT’s a quick, efficient way to ensure your packages are moving in the right direction and will arrive when you expect them to.

A high-quality medical courier service may take the tracking a step further. They may send text messages or emails to customers to reassure them that their package is on its way.


As a supplier, you should also receive performance and cost metrics. These let you know how much you’re paying and what kind of service you’re getting in exchange. They make it easier to plan if you need to make any changes to your business model, see which products are selling the highest numbers, and more.

Tracking provisions prevent errors by making sure everyone knows where a package is at all times. They also let suppliers see how well they’re doing and tell customers when to expect their delivery.

  1. Improved Efficiency

Increases in speed almost always lead to improvements in efficiency as well. This applies to medical courier service because they make the process smoother and easier as well as faster.

The market for prescription delivery alone will exceed $434.3 million by 2030. Errors are bound to occur with so many packages traveling back and forth every day.

The best courier service for medication will pick up and return any unwanted packages. Customers won’t be stuck with an unwanted prescription for long and can get what they ordered sooner.

Improved efficiency applies to all aspects of the medical courier service. They’re speedier, safer, and more experienced THey reduce the time you have to worry about deliveries and allow you to focus on other business tasks.

  1. Improved Safety

Safety is paramount in the world of the medical courier service. A damaged package is unusable and will make customers angry and leave them without the medications or tools they need.

A medical courier service should do everything they can to protect your packages in transport. This means using insurance, enacting other protection measures, and following all transport laws.

Parcel insurance can help protect your packages. It pays for any damage the goods receive along the way. There are other types of insurance a medical courier service may provide as well.

The more layers of protection are available, the more likely your packages are to arrive unharmed. Other protective measures include barcode scanning, photo verification, and electronic signatures

There is a range of regulations tied to transporting medical equipment, and they can be difficult to follow and keep track of. Failing to do so will leave you unable to ship a package and/or forced to face legal issues.

A quality medical courier service is knowledgeable in the laws and customs of every product they transport. They’ll be able to handle the legal matters for you, giving you more time to focus on your business.

A medical courier service should also have the necessary equipment to keep your medical equipment, prescriptions, and specimens safe. Whether that involves a refrigerated car or just careful watching, they ensure that every package arrives undamaged.

  1. Affordable Rates

The service that a medical courier service provides isn’t free, but it is more affordable than other inferior options. It allows you and your customers to get more for your payments.

Medical courier service rates differ depending on a variety of factors. The price is determined by which service you choose and where the packages are delivered.

The rates are usually affordable for most major suppliers and can be customized to your needs. Most courier companies offer different payment plans to ensure you can afford the services you need.

Medical courier services tend to be cheaper than small business couriers. This is thanks to the fact that they offer different rates based on mileage or package size and weight, and involve fewer expensive, time-consuming logistics.

You’ll get more value for your money when you choose a medical courier service. They provide a wider range of higher-quality services than traditional delivery methods. This makes them worth the investment when compared to other options.

  1. Increased Customer Loyalty

Customers won’t return if your courier service and the products it carries aren’t up to their standards. You must choose the right one and use its benefits to maintain customer loyalty.

Speed is at the forefront of most customers’ minds. 68% of Americans admitted they’d pay extra to receive their products the day they were ordered. They expect packages to be delivered quickly without damage.

Security is another major concern. Sending a broken, unusable package is not the way to improve your reputation.

The personality and amicability of delivery personnel also matter. A medical courier may be the first face your customer sees when they receive their medication or medical equipment. If they remain friendly and helpful, it increases positive opinions of your brand as well.

If you choose the right medical courier services, they can ensure you keep customers happy thanks to all the previously mentioned benefits. They provide accurate, safe, quick, efficient service, and effective tracking. Always check medical courier service contracts before committing to a single provider.

If customers start to complain, don’t give up on using a medical courier service altogether. Instead, find one that provides all the benefits and more and delivers a higher quality of service. They should also be easy to contact if you ever have issues.

Where Can I Find a Medical Courier Service?

The modern frenzy for rapid ordering has expanded to the medical world. Companies need to provide tools and prescriptions and quickly and efficiently as possible to keep clients happy and healthy. Choosing the right one can be difficult but provides a range of benefits, making it worth the investment.

A courier service is accurate, fast, trackable, efficient, safe, and affordable. The level of service they provide helps to increase customer loyalty.

What benefits you receive depends on which service you choose. We offer even more than the 7 benefits mentioned as one of the best in the area. Get a quote to see our medical courier service rates today.

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