Basic Tips for How to Track Your Package

Jan 8, 2022

Imagine sending a massive package to an important client. You ship it when you need to, but your client needs the package as soon as possible.

Fortunately, you should be able to track your package and inform your client of the status. That way, you can keep from losing a big account.

Know Your Courier

The first thing you need to do to track your package is to know who the courier is. If you’re the seller, you can choose from major couriers, such as the USPS, or smaller couriers, such as GO₂ Delivery.

When you’re the buyer, you won’t choose the courier, so you’ll need to contact the seller for that information. Different couriers may have slightly different steps to follow when tracking a package.

Either way, knowing the courier will help you move to the next step in how to track your package. That way, you can keep an eye on the box as it gets to the buyer.

Obtain a Tracking Number

Another essential part of packaging tracking is to have a tracking number. The courier should give this number to the seller when the seller ships the package.

If you’re the seller, you should keep this number handy, and you should give it to the buyer as soon as you can. When you’re the buyer, you may want to contact the seller if you don’t receive a tracking number after placing your order.

Both parties should keep good track of the number until the package arrives. That way, you’ll know if there are any issues with the shipment, and you can resolve them quickly.

Consider the Delivery Timeline

Knowing the delivery timeline won’t help you track your package exactly. However, it can help you determine if your package is going to arrive on time or a bit late.

For example, a package with same-day delivery should move quickly to get to the buyer. On the other hand, a package with a two-day delivery timeline may stay in a warehouse for a few hours.

When you do use your tracking number, you can figure out if there may be a delay in the shipment. If so, you’ll know to contact the courier about the issue to see how you can fix it.

Input the Tracking Number

Depending on the courier, they may have a page on their website where you can input the tracking number. This is true for larger couriers, and it can be very convenient.

You can go onto the courier’s website and use the tracking number to get the status of your package. Alternatively, you may be able to go to the site of the company that sold you the item.

Some online retailers have tracking systems on their websites. That way, you don’t need to know the specific courier, but you can still learn where your package is and get an idea of when it will arrive.

Contact the Courier

If inputting the tracking number into a search bar isn’t an option, contact the courier directly. You can contact the company by phone and ask a representative to help you.

A good courier will have a phone number that you can call at any time. Then, you won’t have to wait until the next business day to learn when your package may arrive.

Long contact hours are also crucial for same-day delivery. You don’t want to wait until the next day because your package will either arrive by then, or you may have a significant delay to deal with.

The sooner you can contact the courier, the easier it will be to track your package. If there are any problems, they can start working on them so that you get your package when you need it.

Contact the Seller

If you just placed your order, the courier may not have the shipping details yet. In that case, you should contact the seller to track your package and make sure it ships quickly.

Of course, with a quick delivery, your order shouldn’t sit with the seller for very long. If it’s been a couple of hours and you haven’t received a tracking number or any updates, contact the seller.

Then, you can make sure there aren’t any issues with your payment or other parts of your order. You may also find that your seller has shipped your item, and they can give you the tracking information.

What If I Don’t Have a Tracking Number?

If you don’t have a tracking number, you may still be able to track your package.

When contacting the seller, prepare to provide your order number and the last four digits of the card you used to pay. Some companies may also ask for other details to verify your identity.

Sellers can contact the courier they use to get a tracking number or other details. You may need to prove that you shipped the item, such as the shipping address.

Can You Track Your Package at Any Time?

You may be able to track your package at any time, especially if there’s an online tracking option. If you have to call the courier, you may be able to track your box if they have customer support representatives working 24 hours a day.

Be sure to check the courier’s website as well as the seller’s website. Then, you can figure out how and when you can track a package.

How Do You Choose a Courier?

If you’re the seller, you should consider the best courier service out there. Before you select the cheapest or easiest option, think about what you’re shipping and how fast it needs to get to the buyer.

You should also consider if the courier offers great customer service. That way, you and your customer will be able to track the package easily.

How Will You Track Your Package?

Knowing how to track your package is crucial whether you’re selling or buying something. For better or worse, the exact steps you should follow depend on the courier you use.

Luckily, any steps you’d follow are pretty simple, so you can keep an eye on your shipment. Then, you can make sure it arrives when it should.

Do you need help tracking a package through GO₂ Delivery? Contact us to learn where your package is.

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