5 Reasons Labs in Virginia Trust our Medical Courier Services

May 17, 2020

Do you need to ship lab test results on the very same day? Here are 5 tried-and-true reasons why Labs in Virginia trust us for medical courier services.

Did you know the earliest known private express delivery company in the United States was Wells Fargo in 1852? There is a certain trust you have to build if you are a medical courier because you are carrying lab test results that people or companies want quickly.

GO₂ Delivery & Logistics is a medical courier that labs in Virginia trust to deliver results efficiently and safely. Keep reading, and we will walk through the five reasons why labs in Virginia trust GO₂ Delivery as their delivery management choice.

Medical Courier Musts

We have built the trust of our clients since 1996. We have worked with labs in Virginia and handled last-minute deliveries, same-day deliveries, same-day medical courier services, third-party logistics, and recurring delivery services with efficiency and professionalism.

We want to give our clients and customers peace of mind that what they need to be delivered will get to its destination in a safe and timely manner. We understand that in the healthcare industry, there are rules and regulations that we need to follow and stay up to date on to keep our business going.

We work with healthcare companies to ensure that we follow the most recent guidelines and use them to make our medical courier services up to and exceed the healthcare industry standards.

GO₂ Delivery is a local courier; we aim to serve our Virginia labs and look to build trust in our local community. We dedicate our time and resources to build relationships, and you will see that you can trust us with your same-day deliveries every time you need them.

5 Reasons Why Labs in Virginia Trust Our Courier Services

We work to build relationships and trust with our clients. Trust is key to being a medical courier.

There are five reasons for how to build and maintain these relationships and trust.

1. Professionalism:

As a professional courier service, our delivery couriers both dress professionally and carry themselves with a positive attitude and demeanor. We want our customers and clients to feel comfortable knowing that our employees will represent their business with respect.

Our focused dispatchers work to ensure that the couriers have all the correct information—from your delivery timelines to any other objectives they need to know. They are working around the clock to operate and monitor all deliveries and make sure everything goes smoothly.

2. Patient-First Mindset:

On the other side of every medical delivery is a patient waiting for results. It’s our job to deliver what our client needs to let their patient know on time. GO₂ Delivery has people staffed on-site seven days a week, 24 hours a day available to answer your call.

We are on call to help if there are any patient questions or to resolve an issue in real-time. We want to make our customers feel secure and know that they can always reach us. We are here to assure you every delivery will go successfully and have people on call to achieve this.

3. Constantly Evolving:

We have account managers that are there to analyze our delivery services from cost to performance metrics. They look to provide feedback on our performance and help show us what we can do to improve.

Our account managers also provide a cost analysis and help come up with new solutions as your business grows. We want to make sure we are doing everything to provide the best possible medical courier service at the appropriate cost.

4. Reliable Medical Resources:

When you’re a medical courier, you need to ensure you’re following other guidelines, aside from the standard safety, security, and regulatory compliance.

We vet our drivers and have random tests to ensure that they are up to date on our driving safety guidelines. We carry general liability, auto, and non-owned auto insurance coverage so that our clients aren’t liable in an accident.

At GO₂ Delivery & Logistics, we have the resources and necessary certificates to transport biohazards. There are a lot of rules and regulations to take into consideration when transporting these materials. The Department of Transportation has guidelines for each type of biohazard, from blood samples to urine specimens.

5.Transparent Technology:

As a medical courier, we want to make sure we gain and maintain the trust of labs in Virginia. To do that, we understand that transparency is extremely important to gain trust.

We track our performance and give our clients access to our courier portal. In the portal, you can see, manage, and track all of the scheduled and routine deliveries that we handle for you. You can follow your package in real-time with our GPS tracking and receive email notifications about your shipments.

Medical packages require another level of security. We have barcode-scanning, photo verification, and electronic signature-capturing capabilities. We use these tools because we prioritize the safety and regulatory compliance for all of our healthcare industry clients.

We have the technology to do routine deliveries, whether you need them every day, weekly or monthly. We also can do on-demand deliveries, and once you contact us, we can immediately dispatch a driver to your location.

We understand that extremely sensitive deliveries, such as transplant organs, tissues, and specimens, can come up at any moment, and we provide the right transportation environment to get the job done correctly and quickly.

There are multiple reasons why GO₂ Delivery & Logistics is a trustworthy delivery service for labs in Virginia. Ultimately, we put our clients and their patients at the top of mind to make sure we are providing the best service we can to get deliveries done.

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GO₂ Delivery & Logistics is a medical courier that provides professional, reliable, and transparent services for your lab or business.

We follow all of the rules and regulations and maintain a high standard of excellence for ourselves because we want to keep our clients happy and secure. We work to build trust and keep strong relationships with our clients.

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