What is a Medical Courier Service and Why Do You Need Them?

May 16, 2022

Late deliveries do not only raise your blood pressure but can have costly consequences too. Consumers are less likely to use a business’s services again. But the costs can be much higher for late medical service deliveries, which is why it is time to invest in a medical courier.

There can be severe consequences when there is an issue with healthcare logistics. Around 90% of nurses cannot perform patient care efficiently when medical delivery delays occur. And late deliveries have a domino effect no matter what part of the healthcare industry you are in.

Do you want a more reliable delivery service? Do you need to transport medical supplies securely? Read on to learn why you should consider a medical courier service.

What Is a Medical Courier Service?

A medical courier service specializes in transporting and delivering medical supplies. Medical supplies include:

  • Healthcare equipment
  • Specimens
  • Medical records
  • Samples

Deliveries can also include urgent medical care supplies, such as organ or blood transport. And with organ transplants continuing to rise, efficient delivery is more critical than ever.

Medical couriers deliver to a variety of different medical facilities. These include hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and laboratories.

Reasons to Use a Medical Courier Service

The global courier industry continues to grow, valued at over $340 billion. However, you should consider a specialized courier service for various reasons. Many different businesses and facilities can benefit from a medical courier service.

Trained Delivery Professionals

You do not have to worry about explaining the importance of your delivery to a courier. You will be working with professional couriers who have the specialist training and equipment to handle medical deliveries safely. They know the importance of on-time deliveries and what needs to be done to protect items.

For example, they know how to handle samples and other delicate medical supplies. They are medically certified to handle medical goods. And vehicles also have the right equipment to securely transport goods, including services such as temperature-controlled deliveries.

Cost-effective Delivery Solution

Medical courier services can be cost-effective for your business in different ways. They can reduce supply chain costs, as you do not have to worry about internal staffing for deliveries.

The medical courier services will always have sufficient staff on call too. So even if you need same-day delivery, you know you will be covered.

Couriers also offer detailed reporting and tracking, so you understand your delivery costs and logistics in-depth. You can learn how to reduce overhead costs further this way, using the valuable reporting data you will receive.

You will not lose money and essential time due to late deliveries or spending time tracking deliveries. Sometimes, medical insurances also give discounts or cover costs if it considers the delivery a part of the medical costs.

Advanced Technology

Medical courier services utilize technology to improve the efficiency of their deliveries. This means many automated processes streamline delivery and reduce the risk of human error, such as lost delivery.

Examples of medical courier delivery technology include:

  • GPS tracking
  • Online order and track platforms
  • Email notifications
  • Barcode scanning
  • Signature capture

As a medical business, you do not want to worry about losing track of packages. Often packages include sensitive patient data or urgent medical supplies.

Technology such as email notifications and barcode capture increases delivery reliability. It ensures you are aware of where the package is in real-time.

Staff Management and Compliance

Have peace of mind that your medical supplies are in safe hands with medical courier services. Not only do staff go through screening and training to handle the equipment. But medical courier companies also use technology and audits for efficient staff management.

Audits include:

• Checking deliveries are meeting PHI / OSHA Requirements
• Secure vehicle and cleanliness
• Grooming and attire of driver

Do not spend time worrying about driver reliability and security. If you want to guarantee your delivery service is compliant, clean, and safe, use a medical courier service. The TSA carries out background checks, and the delivery company audits them regularly.

Staff regularly receive training and gain certifications to guarantee optimum service. Medical courier services also ensure a chain of custody to protect you, patient data, and the items. This reduces liability risks and ensures you meet confidentiality requirements.

Flexible Delivery

There is nothing worse than receiving a vague delivery window when you urgently need a delivery. A medical courier service offers effective delivery management, so you feel more in control of deliveries and utilize your time more effectively.

You will be able to track your orders online and review orders to ensure it is all correct. Plus, the GPS tracking feature and email notifications mean you can continue to work while waiting for the delivery to arrive.

Medical courier services also focus on client specifications and work to make delivery times suit you. It means you are more reliable and trustworthy as a healthcare provider too. You will be keeping your patients safer and can provide accurate predictions about delivery times.

Reliable Delivery Service

A medical courier service is the most reliable way to transport your goods. Do not worry about having to explain regulations and other critical issues to each driver. They already have the knowledge to deliver your items reliably.

Have peace of mind regulations are followed throughout the supply chain. Medical courier services follow the same regulations, such as HIPAA, to keep your supplies secure. All transactions are confidential, and supplies are transported securely.

Delivery predictions are accurate, and the software can help provide the trust you need when using a new courier service. Couriers are also available 24/7/365.

Same-day Medical Service Delivery

You do not want to worry about inefficient medical deliveries in the fast-paced medical field. Focus your time on providing quality patient care and medical services to clients. A medical service courier will manage your deliveries with confidentiality, efficiency, and respect.

Are you interested in using a medical courier in Virginia? GO₂ Delivery is here to help with same-day delivery solutions for the medical industry and other sectors. Contact us today to learn more.

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