What Can Be Delivered with a Same-Day Delivery Courier

May 25, 2022

You’ve paid top dollar for overnight delivery, and it showed up late.

When you get the best shipping options, you expect the best, fastest service. But all too often, big-name providers such as UPS or FedEx do a poor job handling your sensitive packages in a timely manner.

You need something better. You need a courier service.

A same-day delivery courier gets those crucial packages on time and makes sure they’re handled with care. Read on to know what couriers can deliver and how your business can benefit from the best shipping service there is.

What Is a Delivery Courier?

Think of a courier as Hermes, the Greek god with winged shoes. A courier picks up your packages directly from the shipper and ferries them directly to you.

This differs from other types of delivery in that couriers are not taking a truckload of orders house-to-house. Couriers don’t toss packages into the back of their vehicle and dump them on the front porch. They’re not trying to rush through their orders just to get the day over with.

Couriers exist to deal with sensitive or expensive packages. They make sure not only that the package suffers no damage but that it is kept secure.

Couriers are typically flexible. They will leave the package in a safe place or hand-deliver it to you to make sure nothing is left up to chance.

In short, couriers are a premium delivery service that ensures that packages make it to their endpoint no matter what. And they excel in customer service while they do it. The best couriers are those who get regular background checks and are audited for performance.

What Can You Deliver With a Courier?

Couriers can ship packages of any size that will fit in their vehicle–whether that be a small parcel or a large box. Overnight and same-day shipping from other providers impose significant limitations on what can be delivered. Courier same-day delivery can handle much more:

  • Document delivery: sensitive legal and accounting paperwork
  • Healthcare items: medical devices, pharmacy supplies, and lab equipment
  • Perishables: everything from food delivery to flower arrangements
  • Retail: any business essentials that need a fast and safe delivery
  • Valuables: high-value items that need a secure delivery to their endpoint

The fact that couriers do same-day delivery means they can deal with a lot of packages other companies wouldn’t even touch.


Despite the rise of digital documents, businesses still rely on physical paperwork to keep their legal aspects running. Oftentimes you need a document reviewed and signed by someone in another office before the working day is over. Couriers provide this service!

Further, you need someone you can trust with your documents. A careless delivery driver might accidentally allow these documents to fall into the wrong hands. Couriers make sure they never leave their sight, and show up exactly when you need them to.

Healthcare Items

In the Covid-19 pandemic, Covid tests became essential for travel. Oftentimes clinics would offer a 2-3 day turnaround for the results of these tests. Courier delivery allows a company to move those Covid tests to the lab same-day, producing results much faster than the competition.

When handling specimens or samples, it’s imperative that this biological data arrive in a timely manner. Temperature-sensitive packages can’t afford to sit in a hot car or be left by an unshaded front door!

In the same vein as documents, healthcare items are often time-sensitive. A patient may need prompt test results. Couriers understand the urgency of the orders they receive and make sure the package gets there rain or shine.


When catering has finished with the food, it needs to be delivered ASAP to the event while it’s still hot. Event coordinators know well the stress of logistics when it comes to making sure that a wedding cake arrives at the location on time.

But not only does this food need to be delivered, but it also shouldn’t arrive coating the inside of the delivery vehicle, cold as a tombstone. You need a courier when it comes to getting your food there on time.

Couriers know their craft. They’re not just a guy with Google maps. They know how to best keep the contents of their delivery safe, how to drive protectively to avoid damage, and how to do so quickly.

They understand the importance of getting that flower arrangement to the wedding, ensuring the flowers aren’t damaged on the drive over.


Say your factory shuts down because a single part has broken. Same-day or next-day shipping from other providers might take forever. Nothing is worse than stalling your business, waiting for a shipment from a delivery driver that doesn’t care when it arrives!

Couriers can drive straight to the warehouse where this part is stored, secure it, and bring it to you in record time. Better yet, a solid courier service can help you to improve your supply chain to avoid these unexpected delays in the future.


You’ve seen it before: a costly item is left by a delivery driver on the front doorstep, and a thief trailing the vehicle swoops in to steal the item before anyone can stop them.

Couriers solve this problem.

They won’t carelessly leave the package in an unsafe location and call it a day. They’ll bring it straight to you. And if the office is locked up or you’re not available to receive it, they’ll come back at another time or work with you to hide it.

Get a Courier Today

Using a same-day delivery courier offers further benefits over the competition that were not discussed here, such as live package tracking and coordination with a dispatcher. Once you start using courier delivery services, it might be impossible to go back to regular delivery!

Get your free consultation today and put your package-delivery needs in the hands of the best.

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