Commercial Courier Service Virginia Beach, VA

Courier & Logistics offers professional commercial courier services throughout Virginia Beach, VA at an affordable price. Enjoy 24-hour deliveries, email notification upon delivery, warehousing, and distribution solutions. WHAT WE DELIVER

  • Small parcels, boxes, etc
  • Mission Critical Equipment & Parts
  • Healthcare – Pharmacy, Lab, Equipment, and Supplies
  • Vital Documents, Legal & Accounting

To avoid these lost mail and frustrations, you can use a commercial courier service in Virginia Beach that is committed to providing a fast, reliable, and professional courier service. Good courier services understand how vital it is to get your packages to their destination with care and speed. Quality tracking is an essential element of this service. What Is A Commercial Courier Service? A commercial courier service is a company that will deliver your packages, money, documents, or information. This service will get your product or paperwork to its destination faster than using traditional USPS delivery. Courier services have been available for a very long time. They were originally used by rulers to make new laws and rulings known throughout a country.

Taxes and postage costs paid for a federally regulated courier service like the USPS. The cost for delivery is usually based on the weight and size of the package. A commercial courier service is a privately owned company that offers higher quality more reliable service. Their service may include same-day courier service or medical courier service or even international parcel delivery. Virginia Beach courier service will focus on providing these services locally. If you need to send a package outside of the State of Virginia, a commercial courier service like GO₂ Delivery and Logistics will outsource your delivery to another company. They will still provide the same full chain-of-custody tracking of your package offered to local deliveries.

Delivery Management

  • Tracking orders and assigned delivery staff in real time..
  • Measuring delivery performance
  • Reporting cumulative data on delivery history & performance. 

Client Power Tools

  • Place & Tracks orders Online
  • Applications Integration
  • Email Notification

Driver Power Tools

  • GPS Tracking
  • Bar Code Scanning
  • Signature Capture

What is Chain-Of-Custody Tracking offered by GO₂ Delivery & Logistics?

There are several important elements involved in secure chain-of-custody tracking. Assigning a unique barcode to an asset like a parcel is the first step that starts the process. Once the parcel receives a barcode, it is entered into the chain-of-custody online system and scanned at the point of departure. You receive notification once the asset moves from the point of departure to go out for delivery. The courier scans the barcode at the time of pick-up. Once in the delivery vehicle, the electronic system links the GPS of the vehicle to the barcode so you can follow the progress of your asset. Your online portal shows you exactly where your parcel is during transit. If there is an interim stop, delivery personnel scan the barcode again and you can track its movement. At the destination, the delivery personnel scan your asset again and enter the location and time of delivery. You can then see on the online portal that your package has been delivered. You will also receive a notification by text if you request this when you place your order. Upon delivery, you can also request an electronic signature at the time of delivery. This will close the chain-of-custody log confirming the satisfactory completion of the order. If the recipient is not present at the time of delivery, the courier service may add a picture of the delivered package to the scanned data. PROTECTION & SECURITY

  • Insurance – General Liability, Cargo, Bonded, Auto & Non-Owned Auto, etc.
  • Random in-field driver audits for security and compliance with industry standards
  • High standards throughout our recruiting and staffing process.

How Does A Commercial Courier Service in Virginia Beach Work?

Commercial courier services provide similar high-quality service no matter the type of delivery. The procedures for medical courier service, same-day courier service, or any other type of courier service, are all very similar. Place Your Order You can place your order for delivery either online or by telephone. Both of these options are available 24/7 at GO₂ Delivery. If you choose to make your order by phone, you will always get a response from a live customer service representative. Your order will need your personal details. You will also need to include pickup and delivery information and also information about the type of delivery you’re looking for.

  • 24/7 Dispatch Center
  • Continual Monitoring of Courier Progress & Performance
  • Routing
  • Coordination With Clients
  • Medical Courier Solutions

Staffing Demands

  • Fluctuating volume of deliveries
  • Retention of qualified staff
  • Redundancy to cover unexpected circumstances

Professional Courirs

  • Dressed in business attire
  • Available 24/7/365
  • Background checked by TSA
  • Audited for our standards

Dedicated Dispatch

  • Dispatchers at office—3 shifts
  • Managing deliveries
  • Monitoring roadways and weather
  • Coordination with clients

Why Should You Use Professional Courier Services?

It Can Help Streamline Your Business

Richmond courier services are very easy to use. You don’t need to make trips to the post office, commercial parcel carriers, or take items yourself. Instead, a courier service will promptly arrive to pick up your item(s) and quickly take them where they need to go.

Same Day Service

The convenience and usefulness of same-day delivery services cannot be overstated. All you need to do is let your courier know where something needs to be and when it needs to be there. As long as it’s physically possible to have your packages or documents delivered by that time, they will be.

They Are Reliable Professionals

A big part of the courier business involves trust and professionalism. You aren’t paying a parcel carrier who delivers hundreds of packages per day. You’re hiring a professional whose job revolves around fast, efficient delivery and the safe handling of all materials.

Safe and Secure Transport Are Paramount

You can expect clear communication right from the get-go regarding when your item(s) will be picked up, during transport, and when they are delivered. The safety and security of your packages or documents are some of the biggest reasons to use a commercial courier service, particularly when it comes to the medical industry. It may be required to keep items at a specific temperature during transport, and nobody other than a professional courier can ensure this is the case.

  • 24/7 Dispatch Center
  • Continual Monitoring of Courier Progress & Performance
  • Routing
  • Coordination With Clients

Increasing Costs

  • Delivery management labor
  • Recruiting, retention & training of staff
  • Equipment & vehicle maintenance & insurance
  • Benefits, workers compensation, unemployment

Tracking Costs

  • Customized for your business
  • Detailed reporting
  • By service level, Time of day
  • Geography
  • By unit levels

Performance Metrics

  • On time delivery
  • Order request time to pick up
  • Dispatch time to driver
  • Accuracy

If you expect to be a repeat customer, you can also include this information as it may result in a better cost per individual delivery.

Companies appreciate reliable customers just as much as customers appreciate reliable service.

Customer Service Receives Your Order Once customer service receives your order, it is assigned priority according to the type of delivery you requested. You may have requested same-day delivery or even two-hour delivery. Dispatch will decide if your parcel can be sent along with others to a similar location or whether it should be given individual attention. If your order is same-day delivery or has a limited time frame, you should know that the time frame has to be realistic considering the distance of the delivery. The cost will vary depending on the time frame as well.

Your Order Gets On Its Way You can choose to drop off your package at one of the delivery locations or have it picked up by a delivery specialist. If it does not have a tracking barcode, the delivery specialist will give it one now. The package then is entered into the delivery online system using the barcode and the location where it starts its journey. You will now be able to access this information via the online portal. If there are interim stops for the package, you will always know exactly where your asset is. Every move of the order is tracked and recorded with GPS linked to the order. VA courier service can include medical courier service from a pharmacy to a client. They can also provide courier service from a medical practitioner to a client and even from a client to a medical service. GO₂ Delivery service ensures that medical supplies or samples arrive unharmed using OSHA protocols for safety and medical adherence.

Your Order Arrives A good courier service ensures that your asset or package arrives on time and undamaged. When it arrives at its destination, the courier will request an electronic signature or provide a photo of the parcel at its destination. You will be notified when it arrives and can also verify this through the online portal.


  • Accreditation organizations
  • Chain of custody, blood-borne pathogens, etc

Field Audit App

  • Random audits of all drivers
  • Auditing for
    • PHI / OSHA Requirements
    • Secure Vehicle & Cleanliness
    • Grooming & Attire
    • Proper tools

Medical Certified Staff

  • Testing & Certification
  • Chain of Custody
  • Patient Sensitivity
  • Client Specific Orientations

Choosing Your Virginia Beach Courier Service

Professional and reliable commercial courier service in Virginia Beach is what you’re looking for. You’re also looking for competitive pricing. GO₂ Delivery & Logistics can meet your needs and provide prompt high-quality courier service. Call us, or fill in our quick contact form today for a quote. You’ll be glad you did!