Commercial Courier Service Chesapeake, VA

Courier & Logistics offers professional commercial courier services throughout Chesapeake, VA at an affordable price. Enjoy 24-hour deliveries, email notification upon delivery, warehousing, and distribution solutions. WHAT WE DELIVER

  • Small parcels, boxes, etc
  • Mission Critical Equipment & Parts
  • Healthcare – Pharmacy, Lab, Equipment, and Supplies
  • Vital Documents, Legal & Accounting

There are 243,690 couriers and local delivery services in the U.S. as of 2021. That’s an increase of 3.5% from 2020. What sets GO₂ Delivery apart from almost a quarter of a million others? In a word, experience. We’ve spent the last 20 years becoming the very best at what we do. When a business owner in Virginia needs a courier with reputation, experience, and all the technology and systems to back it up, who do they call? They call GO₂ Delivery.

Delivery Management

  • Tracking orders and assigned delivery staff in real time..
  • Measuring delivery performance
  • Reporting cumulative data on delivery history & performance. 

Client Power Tools

  • Place & Tracks orders Online
  • Applications Integration
  • Email Notification

Driver Power Tools

  • GPS Tracking
  • Bar Code Scanning
  • Signature Capture

Courier Service Solutions

At GO₂ Delivery, we provide courier and logistics services for businesses in Chesapeake, VA. From same-day delivery to outsourced delivery and logistics, we offer solutions for businesses of every shape and size. We are ranked among the top 10 courier and delivery services in Chesapeake, VA on Yelp! Since our inception, GO₂ Delivery has strived for every quality which we believe should be demonstrated by a great courier service. Integrity, customer service, and security are among the most important. Our professional couriers are always dressed to represent your business properly. They are also background-checked by TSA. Our highly trained staff is focused to provide you with the highest standard of service. We always offer live call representatives whether you prefer remote or on-site. As your business grows, we will help with that, too. Business growing pains are kept in check with classroom training and troubleshooting. We also deliver regular performance and cost metrics to keep you informed. Now that we’ve given you an overview of what we provide as a company, let’s go through our services individually. Each offers a unique set of benefits to business owners so that you can get back to your passion – growing your business.

Staffing Demands

  • Fluctuating volume of deliveries
  • Retention of qualified staff
  • Redundancy to cover unexpected circumstances

Professional Courirs

  • Dressed in business attire
  • Available 24/7/365
  • Background checked by TSA
  • Audited for our standards

Dedicated Dispatch

  • Dispatchers at office—3 shifts
  • Managing deliveries
  • Monitoring roadways and weather
  • Coordination with clients

Same-Day Delivery in Chesapeake, VA…and Beyond

There are two options to choose from on our Same-Day Delivery Services menu. The first is included in our On-Demand Services. Choose from Direct-Drive, 90-Minute, 2-Hour, or 4-Hour services. We’ll deliver according to your schedule for the day; just tell us when you need it delivered and we’ll do the rest. If your company requires recurring deliveries and pickups, GO₂ Delivery Scheduled or Routed Delivery is the ideal solution.

Medical Courier Services

We know the challenges of the medical courier business. We take them on, so you don’t have to! A medical courier service can more than pay for itself when you consider all the benefits it offers. Our comprehensive services address every compliance concern by leveraging our certified medical staff. We comply with HIPAA and OHSA. Our procedures maintain the highest standards throughout the chain of custody and testing and certification. Additionally, we hold patient sensitivity and client-specific orientations in the highest regard. You can always trust that privacy and safety are our highest priorities. The technical aspect of managing medical deliveries can be a significant burden for companies to bear. GO₂ Delivery has everything in place to ensure flawless service. By allowing us to serve you, you get to take advantage of every technology we’ve developed. Clients can place and track orders online and receive email notifications. Drivers utilize GPS tracking, bar code scanning, and signature capture. PROTECTION & SECURITY

  • Insurance – General Liability, Cargo, Bonded, Auto & Non-Owned Auto, etc.
  • Random in-field driver audits for security and compliance with industry standards
  • High standards throughout our recruiting and staffing process.

Increasing Costs

  • Delivery management labor
  • Recruiting, retention & training of staff
  • Equipment & vehicle maintenance & insurance
  • Benefits, workers compensation, unemployment

Tracking Costs

  • Customized for your business
  • Detailed reporting
  • By service level, Time of day
  • Geography
  • By unit levels

Performance Metrics

  • On time delivery
  • Order request time to pick up
  • Dispatch time to driver
  • Accuracy

Warehousing and Distribution

The healthcare industry relies on delivery services every day. Medical facilities need to send and receive supplies, specimens, and samples (many of which are hazardous) regularly. These items require specialized handling and care. The average delivery service does not have the resources or the skills to meet the strict standards of this industry. Combined with the restrictions imposed by HIPAA and OSHA, there are precious few delivery services qualified to serve the medical community. Fortunately, GO₂ Delivery has been leading the industry for 20 years, and not only for medical facilities. GO₂ Delivery warehousing and distribution offers a full-service logistics option for any business in need of one. Beginning with inventory management, we handle the nuts and bolts of storage and distribution requirements. Our team will integrate a custom solution with your in-house applications to give you complete control over your process. With our Pick & Pack system, we handle the shipping to clients and retailers. We can locate, pick, repackage, and prepare your products for shipment and more.

  • 24/7 Dispatch Center
  • Continual Monitoring of Courier Progress & Performance
  • Routing
  • Coordination With Clients
  • Medical Courier Solutions


  • Accreditation organizations
  • Chain of custody, blood-borne pathogens, etc

Field Audit App

  • Random audits of all drivers
  • Auditing for
    • PHI / OSHA Requirements
    • Secure Vehicle & Cleanliness
    • Grooming & Attire
    • Proper tools

Medical Certified Staff

  • Testing & Certification
  • Chain of Custody
  • Patient Sensitivity
  • Client Specific Orientations

Outsourced Delivery and Logistics

What are outsourcing and logistics and what do those services include? Here at GO₂ Delivery, outsourcing means letting us handle the heavy lifting of integration, tech, and management. While we do that, you and your staff can focus on growing your business and making sure your customers are happy. Our logistics service encompasses the entire flow of company operations. It drives efficiency, improves risk management, and helps you acquire custom solutions for your business. Plus, it gives you instant access to all the state-of-the-art technology that we offer! Choosing the right logistics company is essential to growing your business. Part of the process of choosing the right company to work with is understanding what services they offer.

  • 24/7 Dispatch Center
  • Continual Monitoring of Courier Progress & Performance
  • Routing
  • Coordination With Clients

Total Outsourced Delivery

If you need a better delivery solution or are interested in scaling your systems, GO₂ Delivery has the answer. We have the systems, technology, and skilled people you need. There are options and solutions for your business and to keep you in control.

The Best Third-Party Logistics Service Experience On The East Coast

GO₂ Delivery is a 3PL (third-party logistics) provider and we are ready to partner with you to take your business to the next level. 90% of Fortune 500 companies outsource their logistics and rely on 3PLs and supply chain services, according to an Armstrong and Associates report. With a statistic like that, it’s a good idea to consider outsourcing for your business, too.

Mission Accomplished

Regardless of the size of your business, chances are you could benefit a great deal from one or more of the services GO₂ Delivery provides. Do yourself a favor and get a free quote today. Or, if you’re interested, schedule a free logistics analysis! Find out how we can work together to scale your business into what you dream it to be. We’re here whenever you need us. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Contact us anytime.