Is Your Stat Delivery ‘Mission Impossible’?

Jun 25, 2024

The Anatomy of a Stat Delivery when using a Medical Courier Service

In the healthcare sector, timely delivery of lab specimens is crucial for patient care. At GO₂ Delivery, our medical courier services ensure these Stat deliveries meet the strict timelines needed by healthcare providers. Let’s explore why achieving a 60 or 90-minute Stat delivery can sometimes seem like “mission impossible.”

Step-by-Step Timing for Stat Medical Deliveries

  1. Order Dispatch (3-5 minutes): Once an order is placed, it takes our team 3-5 minutes to find and assign a driver.
  2. Pickup Time (25-35 minutes): Our drivers usually reach the pickup spot within 25-35 minutes, depending on the location.
  3. Pickup Process (3-7 minutes): Drivers park, collect the specimen, and return to the vehicle. This takes 3-7 minutes.
  4. Travel to Destination: Travel time varies by distance and traffic, with an average speed of 42 mph in metro areas.
  5. Delivery Process (7-10 minutes): The final steps include parking and navigating to the lab, taking 7-10 minutes.

Estimated Total Time To Complete a Stat Medical Delivery

Stat Delivery for Medical Courier Services

Probability of Success For Different Levels of Stat Medical Deliveries

The probability of on-time delivery varies. The red color in our visuals indicates when delivery within the desired timeframe is not possible. This is based on a typical day without major delays.

Probability for on time delivery for Stat delivery orders

Unforeseen Delays That May Impact Meeting A Delivery Deadline

Even with a meticulously planned schedule, several factors can introduce delays that make tight delivery schedules challenging:

  • Specimen Readiness: Delays can occur if specimens are not ready on time.
  • Traffic Conditions: Traffic jams can significantly slow progress, especially during peak hours or accidents.
  • Weather Conditions: Bad weather can impair driving and slow delivery times.
  • Bridges and Tunnels: Congestion in these areas can also cause delays.
  • Building Access: Finding parking and navigating through security can take extra time.

Solutions for on time Stat Delivery

While there may be unforeseen factors and the distance of a stat medical delivery may influence the likelihood of timely success, we actively collaborate with our healthcare clients, including laboratories, to provide medical specimen delivery solutions that meet their urgent patient care needs. We work closely with healthcare clients to ensure timely deliveries. Our solutions include:

1. Advanced Real-Time Tracking Technology

We utilize real time tracking with our Couriers that allows our Dispatchers to have full visibility. Our delivery software also uses algorithms to predict the best courier to accomplish the delivery and also looks at real time traffic data.

2. Performance Metrics

We evaluate our on time delivery metrics to ensure we’re meeting our clients expectations. We also provide monthly metrics to our clients to show how we are performing to make sure we’re in alignment with their expectations.

3. Staging Couriers in Selected Areas

We analyze trends to identify when and where additional coverage is needed. This helps us speed up pickups. This will allow us to respond faster on picking up stat deliveries.

4. Providing Dedicated Coverage

We can provide dedicated couriers at your facilities to provide an immediate response to picking up the stat delivery.


Our review of various scenarios shows how different factors, from traffic to facility protocols, impact the timing of medical deliveries. At GO₂ Delivery, we are committed to refining our processes and addressing these challenges to ensure timely deliveries. Our dedication to reliability and efficiency is our promise to healthcare providers, ensuring that vital medical specimens are delivered promptly and safely, regardless of the challenges.


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