How to Make Sure Your Courier Service Protects Your Business

Mar 24, 2022

Are you needing a faster and more efficient way to send or receive your packages? If yes, you will want to consider a specialty courier service. But, not all same-day delivery services are created equal.

Some courier services are not in compliance with industry standards, while others are less than professional in their attitude and appearance. That may seem difficult to believe, but it’s true!

It’s best not to conduct business with a courier that is lacking. A decision like that can be detrimental to your business’ reputation.

There are several items to check off when considering which courier service is right for you. Here is a helpful list.

Are They HIPAA Compliant Regarding Medical Deliveries?

Have you ever had a bad encounter with a medical delivery service? Did they arrive late with a vital medical delivery, or did they tamper with a critical drug shipment?

These examples have happened, and it can happen to your business if you’re not careful. You’ll need to hire a dependable courier for critical duties like these.

Time is of the essence when transporting deliveries such as blood plasma or urine samples. For these jobs, you need a dependable and efficient courier service.

When working with medical and healthcare businesses, special attention needs to be paid regarding HIPAA regulations and compliance. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was passed by the US government in 1996.

This act establishes guidelines for the protection of personal health information. You’ll want to choose a courier who is familiar and compliant with HIPAA regulations.

Are They In Compliance With OSHA Regulations?

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) is in place to set standards for employees and places of business. As a result, a workplace must be free of major hazards that could endanger personnel.

Delivery services must adhere to all applicable laws required in the work environment and be compliant with OSHA law. They must keep track of injuries, provide workers with the essential hazard information, and distribute the proper gear needed to do the job in a safe and reliable manner.

This is all a part of being OSHA compliant. A responsible courier service will follow all guidelines within the Description for 4215, concerning Courier Services.

Are They Serious About Taking Responsibility for Protecting Your Business?

When considering a same-day courier service, you must look at how serious they are about safeguarding your packages and your business. What they pay attention to is what you should key in on.

Are they fully insured with the various policies they need, such as General Liability, Auto & Non-Owned Auto, and Cargo policies? Are they Bonded? Do they hold random driver audits for security and compliance within industry standards? Do they have high standards when recruiting and staffing?

These are all important points to think about. If the courier service is not prioritizing protection for their business, they’re not protecting yours!

Do They Focus On Customer Service?

Great courier services value pleasing their customers. They are willing to take on any task to meet these needs. A responsible service will treat every delivery with care, so you can know that your items are in good hands no matter what type of delivery is being made.

Do They Conduct Themselves Professionally?

When you hire a specialty courier, you’ll want to ensure their services meet your standards. You’ll want everything accomplished in a correct and professional manner.

Their conduct can reflect on your business. They represent your company after all. So, you’ll want drivers who are courteous and well trained, as well as vehicles that are clean and properly insured.

Is Their Service Easy to Use?

Couriers should provide user-friendly services. Their website should include an easy system for online ordering. Phone orders must be simple, as well.

For your convenience, deliveries that are a regular occurrence, whether a single stop or a series of pickup and delivery requests, can provide a more seamless experience for you and your customers.

Real-time tracking should also be available so that customers know where their products are at all times during the delivery process. Automated integration with your business applications is important, as well.

Are They Technology Driven?

The best and most effective courier services will have technology platforms that provide clients with transparency. Notices when their delivery is being dispatched and delivered, as well as any alerts if drivers encounter any problems throughout the delivery, are important to consider.

Online portals used to place and track deliveries are vital in this fast-paced world. GPS tracking of your packages, bar code scanning for true chain-of-command, electronic signature capture, and email notice of the status of your deliveries are just some of the ways a tech-savvy service will benefit your company.

Are They Honest?

A courier service is responsible for your package. If something goes wrong during delivery, competent couriers will notify you and the consumer immediately. They will also offer viable solutions and notify all parties involved so that there are no misunderstandings.

Do You Feel Protected?

All of these points play a very important role in protecting your business. Promptness, courteousness, professionalism, and complying with OSHA and HIPAA regulations, should each play a role in which courier you decide to hire.

Their delivery service represents you when they handle your packages, so you can’t afford to take shortcuts when a specialty courier is also handling your business’ reputation. They go hand-in-hand.

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