Courier Service: Why Tracking Costs and Performance Metrics Matter

Mar 15, 2022

More than 500 million pieces of mail go through the USPS every day. With so many packages, envelopes, and more going through the mail system, it’s a wonder that so many packages make it to their destinations. Many deliveries simply don’t.

If you are running a business, you can’t risk losing a package in the mail. You need a courier service with high-performance metrics to handle deliveries. Most of all, you need to make sure there are systems and policies in place to protect your deliveries.

Keep reading below to learn more about why it’s so important to find a good courier service, and how to find one!

Courier Services Are Essential for Businesses

If you are trying to expand your business and deliver excellence to your customers, you need a good courier service. These services take packages and treat them the way they need to be treated as they are transported. They’re not like other kinds of delivery services that haphazardly toss packages in a truck.

Instead, they learn about their clients’ unique needs and guarantee their products are treated right. A good courier service is usually certified and proven to be able to handle many kinds of products. Sometimes, they are used to handling things people may not think of.

For example, when someone needs medical equipment or even a new organ, they need to wait for it to be delivered. Obviously, you can’t send a new heart or kidney through typical courier services. You need a company that knows how to deliver sensitive packages quickly and safely.

And to do that, they collect performance metrics that help them improve each delivery. The information helps company leaders build on their existing strategies. And they use advanced technology to help them improve their rates, timeliness, effectiveness.

Tracking Data Helps Customers and Companies

Leaders that are trying to expand their business are usually also focused on saving money. They want to make sure they only spend money on things their business needs. No matter the kind of business they run, they will need to spend money on deliveries.

Most of the time, companies also pay for the chance to track packages as they make their way to the customer. This kind of information can be invaluable for customers and businesses.

Being able to see when packages are getting close helps customers plan better. It helps them organize their schedules if they are waiting for parts or equipment for specific projects. Tracking data also makes them confident in shopping with a particular company.

Companies that invest in tracking data for their packages usually have a good reputation. People who shop with them know they can expect items to be delivered with care, boosting the company’s brand. And with a good brand, they can attract more customers.

Collect Actionable Data Through Advanced Tech

Providing tracking data is a good way to establish a company as trustworthy and help it get ahead of the competition. But this kind of data also helps companies make better decisions. Tracking data helps companies decide on the best time to send packages, send email updates, and more.

And with tracking data, your company can learn more about how long it takes for packages to arrive. That can lead to major improvements on your website, informing customers about when they can expect something to be delivered. It helps customers plan for when they can expect something to arrive before they even check out.

The only way to collect this kind of data though is with advanced technology. They need to be able to scan bar codes of packages to track who has custody of it at any given time. GPS tracking through equipment on trucks and fleets can also provide real-time information about how packages are moved.

With this information, companies that work with a courier service can better explain the delivery process to customers. And courier services themselves can improve the way they make deliveries, helping bring costs down while making more deliveries.

Monitor Your Packages With On-Hand Dispatchers

One of the best ways to improve performance metrics is to quickly address problems if they arise. For that, you need a dispatch center that stays in constant communication with workers. If there is an issue with a particular delivery, companies can call the courier service for help.

Then, the service can reach the worker handling the package through the dispatch center. They can learn about any issues that may arise with a delivery firsthand, so they can quickly respond to it. This kind of constant communication is essential for top-of-the-line courier services.

If a particularly important package is being delivered, companies can also stay updated through courier services’ dispatch center. If they want an update about a package, they can call the service. Dispatchers can then give whatever information the company needs.

Make Your Money Matter

Tracking costs can easily cause higher bills, resulting in lower revenues for companies. Many new entrepreneurs don’t factor in the delivery costs of products. So when they see the bill, they are surprised and frustrated.

Good courier services want to make sure you know the costs of delivering something right away. They make pricing clear and affordable, so you can know what you’re paying before making the delivery. By doing that, they can attract more clients and stay ahead in their own industry.

Confidence Comes On-Demand

Companies that need quick deliveries may not be sure of how to tell if they can trust a particular courier service. It may be hard to tell the difference between two different courier services. There is a good way to tell if you can trust a courier service — pictures.

When you order food through a delivery service, the driver is expected to leave a picture of where they put it when a delivery is complete. Why should it be any different for other kinds of deliveries? If you order something important for a client, you should have a way to make sure it gets to where it’s going.

A good courier service will send you a picture and a notification of when a  delivery is complete. That can include same-day deliveries, 2-hour courier services, direct drive services, or anything else. There is no reason for drivers to not send a picture proving they made a delivery, along with normal signatures and emails.

Improve Your Company’s Performance Metrics With Good Courier Services

Your company’s performance metrics are only as good as the performance of its courier service. Without a good delivery service, it doesn’t matter how good of a product you make. If it’s broken in transportation, then your customers and clients will not be able to use it.

That never happens with us, and we keep you in constant communication about your deliveries. We are fully insured and have several certifications for transporting a variety of products. And to learn about all the different ways we can help you, just click here!

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